International Students in New Zealand ­ Conflicting Information

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August 5, 2016

International Students in New Zealand ­ Conflicting Information

As a Licensed Immigration Adviser with a particular interest to help international students in New Zealand, I interact with this group quite often and I realise that they try and make the best out of their circumstances in New Zealand with not a lot of support. And quite often they fall prey to incorrect information garnered through unlicensed and/or incompetent parties who have no idea of how the New Zealand immigration process works.

But because international students are in such a vulnerable and insecure state of mind most are caught between the “word of mouth advice” and the actual law. If you are an international student in New Zealand or planning to come here soon, this blog and my FB page is a forum for you to ask me any question that is troubling you vis­a­vis jobs, visas, etc and I will be happy to answer and give genuine information.

I am trained, licensed and experienced to give this advice and it will be my endeavor to help you as much as I can. If eventually some of you would like to utilise my services, I will be pleased to assist with that too.

The genuine purpose is to provide legally correct and quality immigration advice to international students in New Zealand. So do not hesitate to start asking me questions. And if you like what you advice you get from me, spread the word among your friends who are also international students in New Zealand or planning to be one soon.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nga Mihi

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