IT Skills Shortage in New Zealand ­ The need for migrants in this sector

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August 1, 2016
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August 5, 2016

IT Skills Shortage in New Zealand ­ The need for migrants in this sector

The focus of my practice is and will continue to be to match the skill shortages in New Zealand with those who possess these skills. And out of the many shortages, of particular interest to me is the IT skills shortage. Not only is IT in the Long Term Skill Shortage List but it is also in the Identified Future Growth Area of New Zealand. Quite obviously this is a high focus area for the government and as a Licensed Immigration Adviser this provides me with an opportunity to match this shortage and thus address the bigger immigration picture. Qualified, experienced and competent IT professionals are sought by many countries and hence it is a challenge to attract them to New Zealand in the face of competition from other countries. However for anyone who chooses to make New Zealand their destination, I personally believe it could be one of the best decisions ever made for themselves and their family. One of the country’s leading IT placement companies, Absolute IT has put out a very good blog on their website called “Why New Zealand is awesome and a great place to find your dream IT job”. I draw the attention of all IT professionals who are considering an overseas move to have a look at this blog. It is bound to create a definite interest in New Zealand as a destination country.

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