Basic Eligibility Calculator

A result from this basic eligibility calculator MUST be followed up by a detailed professional assessment to ascertain the exact validity of your points. Please enter a valid email address to which results can be sent.

* required field.

  1. Are you between 21 to 39 years of age?
  2. Do you have more than 10 years of work experience?
  3. Is your 10 years of work experience in one of these occupations or occupational groups? (Answer should be yes to one of the following)
  4. Do you have a qualification directly relevant to your work experience?
  5. Do you have a Master level degree?
  6. Are you married or in a stable relationship and does your partner have a minimum Bachelor level qualification?
  7. Do you have an offer of employment from a NZ organisation or are you already working for a NZ organisation?
  8. Do you or your partner have a sibling or parent living in New Zealand permanently?

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